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Pinay Traveller Recommends #3: Camino de Santiago and Socotra


My theme for today is “Unchartered Territories”.

Let me start with  Socotra.  What is Socotra?  Sounds like a new car model or a pair of Adidas trekking shoes, huh?  Well, it’s actually an island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. But with all the alien-looking plant species that thrive there, you would think it’s out of this world.  Think of its as the flora version of the Galapagos.  See Socotra here.



Not for the easily discouraged,  completing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela or the Way of St. James is one of my lifelong dreams. If money, time and present life are not important factors, I would be treading one of those dusty routes in Spain now, with a scallop shell hanging from my neck, a walking staff in my right hand, and a pilgrim passport in my pocket.



Unfortunately, this will not happen soon. So I just console myself with the thought that at least I’ve been to Santiago de Compostela once,  albeit via a tour bus. If you’re wondering what the drama is all about, check out Lady Shirley Maclaine’s book entitled The Camino or this beautiful article by Andrea Kirby.

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  1. I live here in Spain but I haven´t tried it either although I had my tour of Galicia last year. 🙂 I first read about Santiago de Compostela thru one of Paolo Coelho´s book. They say it´s worth the trek and it´s about introspection.

    1. polmangilog says:

      Hi Cheryl! Yes, it IS about introspection and quietness. From what I hear, the landscape only deepens the whole experience. As for Galicia, wow, you’re very lucky. Another beautiful region in Spain! Cheers, Pol

  2. wow! ur back! cge po, I added you to my blogroll na. keep the posts coming!! thnx thnx! muah 🙂

    1. polmangilog says:

      okidoki! happy travels!

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