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5 Travel Tips When Experiencing Europe for the First Time

Today’s guest post by Anna Smith reminds us how important planning is especially if you’re visiting a place for the first time.


Traveling to Europe can be daunting if you’ve never been there before. The countless possible places to visit that Europe presents can also be quite overwhelming but once you’ve nailed down exactly where you want to travel to, it goes without saying that the key to efficient traveling is through research. So, with this mind, we have come up with a list of 5 tips to consider when booking your route around Europe.




Use reputable hostel providers to help you cut costs

It’s a pretty obvious statement that the best way to travel with the least expense possible is via using hostels. But, to insure that you get the best from the hostels that you visit, make sure to utilize reputable hostels. No doubt you will have read the horror stories of backpackers being exposed to beds ridden with bed bugs and unhygienic washrooms. The likelihood of this happening if you use a certified website such as European Hostels is minimal because visitors of certain places will constantly review the hostel in question and leave that opinions on their experiences there. Make sure to read as many reviews as possible of the places you are considering and also look at what there is to do in the area the hostel is situated in.

Visit the free art exhibitions

If you’re traveling to major cities, the likelihood is that there will be an array of free museums, art exhibitions and street performances. Capital cities like London and Paris are renowned for their free entry shows. Time Out a London online zine regularly updates its free exhibition page of its site with the latest free art listings. You’ll find this across most major cities with a quick online search.

Taking advantage of public transport

Utilizing public transport will help you drastically cut costs during your trip. You’ll also be able to utilize trains when traveling between landlocked countries. Only travel by cab when you really need to, as they are extremely expensive in places like London and Paris.

Leave space in your budget for car rentals

Driving in a European country is something you must do, so you can cross it off your bucket list. So, try and leave some room for at least one car rental in your budget. With the advances in accessibility, it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to pick up a car rental at all major airports. So, for instance if you land in London you will be able to pick a car up from the airport and explore the surrounding areas of London. Upon return, Parking4Less document that airports like Gatwick have long stay and short stay-parking services. You can return your hire vehicle to these points where the hire company will pick up the car with minimal hassle your end.

Watch different sports

We sometimes forget to include any sports-related entertainment when on traveling trips, however this is one way of getting a feel of the culture you are surrounded by. In Paris there is a huge following for both Rugby and Football, the same goes for the UK as well as Ireland. So, if it’s cost effective make sure that you try and witness first hand live games in the country you are visiting. If it’s not, try out some of the bars that show live sports to gauge the passion for sports that Europe has.

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Hopefully, some of these tips will aid on helping you plan your European adventure. If you have any additional tips, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section.

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  2. Better visit all those art exhibits. I love how they are free around Europe. And don’t forget to visit the nearby countries too.

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