Camino de Santiago: the Casa Brandariz

Last year, I had the good fortune of exploring Northern Spain, including the beautiful territory of Galicia. I was onboard the luxury train Tren Al Andalus and the journey took me from Zaragoza to A Coruña, right along the St. James or Santiago de Compostela Route. After that wonderful luxury trip, our Galician guide, Manuel, took …

Footnote: Kilometro Cero, Origen de las Carretas Radiales

The Kilometro Cero or kilometre zero in Madrid, Spain

“Spain has its Kilometre Zero in the centre of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid (incidentally, the clock of the old Royal House of the Post Office, in front of which the plaque is located, marks the official time in Spain, according to the urban legend). The plaque that marks this point was turned around 180 degrees in 2002 because the map of Spain depicted on it was upside down in relation to the modern depiction of Spain.”  Source.


Madrid: Don’t Get Lost in Puerta del Sol!

If you decide to take a walk around Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain on a December night, brace yourself for the crowd. I’m talking people-power crowd here, the kind that can topple you over should someone decide to shout “fuego!”. Puerta del Sol is one of the most crowded squares in Spain, especially during …