Guest Pinay Traveller:  Bochog
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Guest Pinay Traveller: Bochog

PT Note:  The following is an essay written by my friend, fellow pinay traveller Divine Love Salvador.  If you want to read more of her hilarious and sumptuous adventures, you can visit her blog at  Bogchi ni Bochog [] BIG AS A BOULDER, LIGHT AS A FEATHER By Bochog Husgado. From the root Tagalog word, …

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on the road… a travel find along araneta avenue

MY ALDO ROSSI STOVETOP ESPRESSO MAKER Hubby and I  were on our way home from a daytrip in Dapitan, when a sign that said “Japan Surplus” beckoned us to make a U-turn and check out a nondescript warehouse along Araneta Avenue. A quick scan at the entrance revealed what the place really was… a Japan …