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I was suddenly overtaken by the sheer magnificence of the Arc de Triomphe.

Whatever the reason, I was grabbed by a feeling of wonderment, as if I was seeing the monument for the first time. I felt giddy, like a child. I held on to the feeling for as long as I could. It’s something to be treasured, like the memory of one’s first kiss. Read more.

The Magic of Paris


  Sorry for the long silence. But over the last eight weeks, I have been working very very hard on the Ignacio film in Spain and had absolutely NO TIME for anything else. But thank goodness the shoot has finally wrapped (will tell you all about it later)  and now I’m spending the last few days of my holiday here…

Kalinga Tattoo Gone Wrong


After I published my story about Getting Inked by Whang Od a couple of years ago, I’ve received numerous e-mails and private messages from people from around the world asking for more information about Buscalan and the famous tattoo artist, Apo Whang Od. I am glad that tattoo enthusiasts have found their way to Buscalan and have received their precious…

PinayTraveller where to eat in Hanoi9 med

Xôi Yến: Hanoi’s Best Sticky Rice Restaurant


    Eating at  Xôi Yến Restaurant along Nguyen Huu Huan Street is a must  for those visiting the Old Quarter in Hanoi. Virtually a local legend, it is constantly filled with hearty eaters thanks to its delicious sticky rice bowls.     Xoi is a traditional Vietnamese dish made from rice and corn and topped with the meat of your…


Walking the Camino de Santiago in Hyperlapse


  I’ve always wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago but have never had the time. Now, imagine if one can do it in fast-mo, how would it be like?  Well, here’s a fantastic video by Moreventure showing the many paths taken by pilgrims following the footsteps of St. James.   “This timelapse (hyperlapse) follows a path trodden by countless…


Pinay Traveller on Pinay.com


    Hey look!  Pinay Traveller got featured on Pinay.com!  Check it out here.     Also, I miss writing.  I really do.  But I’m just so busy with work so this will have to do for now. Oh, there’s an upcoming trip next month that will coincide with our Ignacio film campaign. Will keep you updated! In the meantime…  …


5 Travel Tips When Experiencing Europe for the Time


Today’s guest post by Anna Smith reminds us how important planning is especially if you’re visiting a place for the first time.   Traveling to Europe can be daunting if you’ve never been there before. The countless possible places to visit that Europe presents can also be quite overwhelming but once you’ve nailed down exactly where you want to travel…


Cambados, Spain: Home of the Albariño


Everything about that day was perfect. Despite being gloomy before  breakfast, the sun came out by mid-morning, setting the mood for the day ahead.  I was in the company of people  whom I was slowly getting to know and appreciate. And we were somewhere in Galicia in Northwest Spain, in a historical district declared a “Cultural Interest  Asset”  in 2012.…

pinaytraveller top 10 things to do in hanoi

Top 10 Things to do in and near Hanoi (a Preview)


Perfect weather at 15 degrees, breath-taking landscapes, wonderful food, friendly people… these are what I remember of my first visit to Hanoi 11  years ago.   Did you know that Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam?  Yup, it’s not  the bustling Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC, formerly Saigon) as many may  initially think.  Of course  it’s understandable that HCMC is…

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