PinayTraveller 45s Films: Bagasbas Beach

I miss producing and editing.  But most especially editing.  I used to be a mean video editor. I swear! But all analogue, though. Haha. Anyway, I've been trying to produce short travel films for the past couple of years but never had  the time. So lest I throw away all the video I've taken so far, I decided to do shorts. It's also an excuse to study non-linear editing, albeit slowly.    I call the series 45s for 45-second travel videos.  Please bear with me as I learn to edit all over again. Read more [...]

Travel Mementos from Hanoi

Hanoi mementos Pinay Traveller

Beginning today, I am starting a photographic series featuring mementos from my travels. Shown above are some I have collected from my recent travel to Hanoi, Vietnam. Can you guess what I did?  Watch out for my Hanoi series next week!  Happy weekend and safe travels, everyone!

2014 National Holidays in the Philippines

Are you envisioning this year as your Year of Travel?  Good for you! And what better way to realize this dream than to plot your free days alongside your vacation leaves?  The good folks at Manila Bulletin have produced this simple infographic showing the 2014 National Holidays in the Philippines.  Now you can plan your year and book  your tickets way ahead of time! Take note of the long weekends in April, August and November.  Happy travels! Read more [...]