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Travelling for Couples: How to Avoid Killing Each Other on the Road

The Hubby and I have been travelling together around the Philippines and Southeast Asia for the past twelve years.  But individually, we have been travelling on our own way before we even met.  So you can say it wasn’t easy adjusting to a ‘permanent’ travel partner as we have our own travel styles. But through the years, we have learned to travel together in perfect harmony, so to speak.  How do we do it?  Here are a few tips:

1.    Assign roles before the trip

Between the two of us, Hubby is the much better navigator and I, the better ‘treasurer’.  So taking on these roles makes perfect sense. We have avoided many arguments by simply respecting each other’s roles. Consider your partner’s strength when assigning roles. Your sanity as a travelling couple depends on it.

Hubby the Navigator


2.    Create your itinerary together

Remember, you’re no longer travelling on your own. So don’t make the whole trip all about you. Does your partner want to eat Ramley Burger in Kuala Lumpur? Let him. Does he want to look at the Fiat showroom in Ho Chi Minh City (even if it’s 7am and he doesn’t have any plans of buying a car)? Let him.  Does he want to eat the Cambodian version of Banh Mi in Siem Reap even if it means having to run after the vendor for two blocks? By all means, let him! A happy and content partner is the perfect travel companion. Besides, he will be more than willing to go shopping with you in return.

Does your partner want to eat the Bangkok version of Cornetto? Let him!


3.    Be considerate of each other’s needs

I have scoliosis and can only do so much walking in a day. Hubby loves beer. So cutting a city tour short by having a taste of the local beer at a roadside restaurant is the perfect compromise!

4.    Designate a meeting point

Should you and your partner ‘accidentally’ get separated, it is best to designate a place where the two of you can reunite. This is especially helpful in malls or markets where it’s easy to get distracted and lose each other in the crowd.

5.     Trust each other

Flying solo has trained me to trust only in myself. But the game significantly changed when I started travelling with Hubby.  I have learned to stop being a control-freak and just trust his judgment. The result, less work and more relaxed trips for me!

6.    Always keep the communication line open

When communication breaks down, sh*t usually happens. Pay attention to your partner to avoid potential arguments. Can you imagine the big fight that will follow after losing each other in a huge weekend market just because you didn’t pay attention to where #4 is? Nothing is more ridiculous than to have a fight thousands of miles away from home! So spare yourself the trouble and…

7.     …just enjoy each other’s company

Have fun!  Travelling together is meant to be a break from your usual routine and a rare chance to be alone together.  Make the most out of this shared adventure and relish each other’s company.

How about you?  Do you have any tips for travelling couples?  Do share!

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This is my contribution to Pinoy Travel Blogger FEBRUARY 2014 BLOG CARNIVAL with the theme ” The JOYS AND WOES OF COUPLEHOOD ON THE ROAD” hosted by Claire Madarang of Traveling Light .



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