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    Footnote: Camino Ignaciano Begins

      Our walk began just before autumn slowly turned everything yellow and gold. We arrived in Loyola between summer and fall. My pristine (and very pink) walking shoes were greeted by the freshly trimmed leaves on the ground. The air was a bit chilly, making waking up in the morning a very difficult task. But once outside, I could smell everything—the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked bread, the slightly tangy smell of newly mowed grass, the invigorating smell of a new day, and the sweet promise of more to come.   To be continued.  My #CaminoIgnaciano was made possible by:    

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    JesCom invites pilgrims to join Camino Ignaciano

    If you’re into contemplative walking and are thinking of going on a pilgrimage, why not join the Camino Ignaciano in Spain this September? Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom), the media arm of the Philippine province of the Society of Jesus, invites travel enthusiasts to join Camino Ignaciano, a pilgrimage that traces the journey taken by St. Ignatius of Loyola from Loyola to Barcelona in Spain. This pilgrimage is scheduled from September 26 to October 10, 2017.   For two weeks, pilgrims will travel through picturesque mountains, beautiful deserts and wide plains. The journey begins in Loyola with a welcome mass at the home where St. Ignatius lived, and leads to remarkable…

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    Tired of Huge Crowds in Gold Coast? Then Visit These 3 Hidden Gems

    The Gold Coast is well-known for its amazing beaches, free parks, and prime barbecue spots. Families love visiting the coast as a lot of spots are kid-friendly. You might be thinking about visiting the Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Coolangatta Beach, Springbrook National Park, The Rockpools, and other well-known spots in the GC, but what about the hidden and less crowded spots? There are actually a lot of hidden gems in Gold Coast just waiting to be discovered. Here, we discuss some of it with you:   Budd’s Beach Paradise. Located in a secluded spot in Surfers Paradise, this paradise is definitely a must-see. It offers an ample amount of both sunshine…

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    Senate approves 10-year Philippine passport validity

      Good news to all Filipino travellers! The Senate has approved the bill extending Philippine passport validity to 10 years. Senate Bill 1365 or the Passport Act seeks to amend the 21-year-old Philippine Passport Act of 1996, which only allows passport validity to 5 years. According to Senator Sonny Angara, co-author of the said bill, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are the main benificiaries of this amendment. “Often, they have to file a leave from work for them to be able to travel back and forth to the nearest Philippine embassy or consular office to get their passports renewed,” Senator Angara said. I’m up for passport renewal next year so this…

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    A New Look at #Kalibo

    I just came from my home province, Aklan. Just being there energizes me! I don’t understand why people all  troop to Boracay when the mainland is really beautiful.  But then again, I guess I should be thankful. At least the mainland won’t be as crowded and we can enjoy the peace and quiet, at least until the new Caticlan airport opens in a few months. Here’s a video of #Kalibo I discovered just recently (apparently, it’s been doing the internet rounds since last year). It’s quite refreshing to see Kalibo and Aklan through the eyes of visitors. Also, I realized there’s so much of my home province I HAVE to…

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    Travel Journal: My Sole Mate

      I remember following him. We were in Yogyakarta for the first time and didn’t have a proper map to guide us. I said I wanted to go to a coffee shop I found on the Internet. I forget what it’s called. Some pretentious name that sounded like National Cafe or something. It’s ridiculous. And so we walked for miles, with him leading the way. Not admitting that we were lost. My feet were starting to hurt as I struggled to keep my sandals on. Motorbikes and becaks whizzed past us. I’m pretty sure one almost ran over my foot. The drivers were unapologetic. They were too busy ferrying people…