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Senate approves 10-year Philippine passport validity

  Good news to all Filipino travellers! The Senate has approved the bill extending Philippine passport validity to 10 years. Senate Bill 1365 or the Passport Act seeks to amend the 21-year-old Philippine Passport Act of 1996, which only allows passport validity to 5 years. According to Senator Sonny Angara, co-author of the said bill, […]

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A New Look at #Kalibo

I just came from my home province, Aklan. Just being there energizes me! I don’t understand why people all  troop to Boracay when the mainland is really beautiful.  But then again, I guess I should be thankful. At least the mainland won’t be as crowded and we can enjoy the peace and quiet, at least […]

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Travel Journal: My Sole Mate

  I remember following him. We were in Yogyakarta for the first time and didn’t have a proper map to guide us. I said I wanted to go to a coffee shop I found on the Internet. I forget what it’s called. Some pretentious name that sounded like National Cafe or something. It’s ridiculous. And […]

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