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Pinay Traveller Recommends: Travel Toiletry Kit from One Bag Traveler


I recently received a wonderful package in the mail.  It’s a travel toiletry kit sent over by my good friend Lengo Nunez, co-founder of One Bag Traveler.

“Travel size products are not cheap but in the end, they are more cost efficient because you don’t waste any product.”

Lengo and I have  worked together in Probe years ago and have gone on many out-of-town trips for shoots. I remember how she found it tedious to pack for such trips, often having to transfer everything in small, travel-size containers.  “My sister Rhoda and I put up One Bag Traveler because we couldn’t find the toiletry brands we use in travel sizes,” says Lengo.  She adds that she and her sister have developed kits for people who always worry about decanting their products and leaving things behind when they travel.

“We have expanded the line to include other travel essentials but always keeping to our motto of traveling light. I have since learned to pack for a 5-day domestic trip using only a carry on.”

For moms, they’ve put together baby kits so that going to the mall–or anywhere–with their babies do’t have to be such a chaotic affair.

“Travel size products are not cheap but in the end, they are more cost efficient because you don’t waste any product.”

Lengo’s personal favorite is the travel size Lysol because she can use it in the gym, in the car, or in public restrooms. She also raves about the toilet drop. “It saves you the embarrassment when you have to share a bathroom when traveling,” she says.

Yup, the toilet drop called Drops Gouttes virtually  destroys the smell of your poop!  I’m not kidding! It’s the best thing ever invented since the flush.  It’s perfect for when you have to share the toilet in your hotel room or in public restrooms especially those in close quarters such as planes.

To order your very own travel toiletry kit and for more details, visit One Bag Traveler’s FB page here.

How about you, what are your toiletry essentials?  Tell us about it!

*Note:  Although Lengo sent the kit to me as a gift, my opinion is entirely my own.

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