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A Glimpse of the Camino de Santiago in Ateneo

The problem with having three e-mail accounts is that you sometimes neglect opening at least one of them. In my case, I only really get to open my official work (Ateneo) account once a week.  So imagine my disappointment when I saw this email in my inbox this morning.  I missed the event by an hour:

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Department of Modern Languages, together with the Spain Tourism Board, invite everyone to the presentation


“Walk the Way to St. James: The Philippine Expedition”

26 August 2010 (Thursday)
9:00-10:00 a.m.

by Marc Grossman,  Renowned Australian professor,  writer and Camino guide

Learn more about modern and vintage Spain and find out more details  regarding the World Youth Day 2011 and pilgrimage tour to Santiago de Compostela.  The Road to Santiago de Compostela is the oldest walking pilgrimage route in the  world and one of the most important Roman Catholic destinations.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know that walking the Way of St. James is one of my dreams. I wrote about it not too long ago here.

It would have been great to hear a first-hand account of the pilgrimage from Mr. Grossman.  Dang!  Oh well, I hope he’ll be back one of these days.

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  1. Pol,

    If you come back to Spain, visit na lang Santiago de Compostela. I assure you, the church is one magnificent piece of architectural artwork. The hubby asked me if I wanted to re-visit Galicia this year but I chose Lisbon because I remembered that you visited Lisbon about a year ago( or was it? 😉 ) and you really enjoyed it. The trip was worth it and the food is much cheaper than in Spain. 😉

    1. polmangilog says:

      Hey Che! I’ve been to Santiago de Compostela about 10 years ago. You’re right, it’s really magnificent. I remember seeing the gigantic incense being tossed from one end of the church to the other, a really awe-inspiring sight! WOw you’ve been to Lisbon? I did visit Lisbon last year. It’s my favorite European city 🙂 I’m so jealous! I’m glad you liked it. Which reminds me, I haven’t blogged about my own visit. Hay, I’m such a slacker! Looking forward to seeing your post.

  2. Looking forward to your Lisbon post.I haven´t blogged about it either because I´m still blogging about León and Oviedo which I visited last July. hahaha! Oh by the way, have you tried watching the bullfights in Lisbon? It´s quite entertaining and not that brutal like what they do in Spain.Ooops, I hope you´re not part of PETA. I just watch it for cultural reasons.

    1. polmangilog says:

      Haha! Slackers tayo! I wasn’t able to get a chance to wach a bullfight in Lisbon but I know that it’s illegal to kill the bull in Portugal, unlike in Spain. Oh wait, it’s illegal na in Barcelon, di ba? I am not with PETA but I was one of those who rejoiced when I heard the news. I don’t see the point in killing/torturing the bull. But then again, it’s something cultural nga, as you say. Kaniya-kaniya lang yan.:)

  3. I am the person to whom y0u made reference in your blog about missing my presentation on the Camino de Santiago at Ateneo in August, this year.

    I would like to offer you a complimentary copy of my latest publication: «Camino de Santiago: 30 all-weather walking maps – Walking the Camino Francés from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela»

    If you are interested in receiving a copy, please send me your postal address and you should get it in the new year.

    Best & Happy Christmas,

    Marc Grossman.

  4. polmangilog says:

    Hi Mr. Grossman! You can’t imagine how pleased I am to hear from you. I was really frustrated last August when I realized that I missed you by just an hour! Yes, I would LOVE to get a copy of your book. This is a great Christmas present not only because it is so unexpected but also because the Camino has been on my mind this past week.:) I will email you my postal address shortly. In the meantime, I offer you my sincerest gratitude. Maligayang Pasko!

  5. Hi, I hope you will someday fulfill your dream of walking the Camino. I did the Camino de Santiago last July-August 2010. It was a life-changing experience for me. I would like to do it again in the next Xacobeo in 10 years from now. You can read about my experience in my blog:

    I met 3 Filipinas from Cebu who did the Camino last October 2010, starting from O’Cebreiro.

  6. PinayTraveller says:

    Hi Fr. Amado! Wow! I looked at your website. Nakakabilib.:) Maybe I can make you a resource person before I do the Camino myself. Thanks for sharing your wonderful website, Father. Good luck on your next trip!

  7. Sure, starting June 2011, I will based in Manila, working full-time with the Committee on Basic Ecclesial Communities of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, with my office at the CBCP building in Intramuros and living in Redemptorist Baclaran, Just look me up before you go.

  8. PinayTraveller says:

    Great, Father! By the way, I work for JesCom. You might have heard of us. We produce the shows ‘The Word Exposed’ hosted by Bishop Chito Tagle (Sundays, 6am on ANC, 5am on Studio 23 and 7:30am on NBN4) and Kape’t Pandasal aired over ABS-CBN daily at 5am, I think.:) Hope you can catch the shows if you have time.

  9. […] imagine my delight when four months later, on Christmas Eve last year, Marc left a comment on this entry introducing himself and asking me if I’d like to get a copy of his book.  I replied to him […]

  10. […] imagine my delight when four months later, on Christmas Eve last year, Marc left a comment on this entry introducing himself and asking me if I’d like to get a copy of his book.  I replied to him […]

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