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Photo Diary: Mushroom Travels to Aklan

Over the Holy Week, Hubby and I travelled to Aklan with our two brothers, my mother-in-law, and our four-year-old nephew  Dmitry, or Mushroom as he is lovingly called by our family.  It was Mushroom’s first time to ‘ride a big white boat’ aptly called St. Ignatius of Loyola (the patron saint of Ateneo where Hubby and I studied). It was also Dmitry’s first big adventure (i.e. long distance travel) so I’ve documented the trip for his parents.  But I’m sure you’ll enjoy his Photo Diary, too.

Note:  2GO’s St. Ignatius of Loyola leaves Batangas port at 9pm every night, and arrives in Caticlan Jetty Port at  6am the next day.  

2013 Aklan Day 710

2013 Aklan Day 711

2013 Aklan Day 712sm

2013 Aklan Day 725sm

2013 Aklan Day 726sm

2013 Aklan Day 727sm

If your child is bored and in need of a little entertainment,  a little photo session will do the trick.

mushroom flowers triptych


2013 Aklan Day 713

2013 Aklan Day 715

Camera shy uncles.

2013 Aklan Day 722

2013 Aklan Day 728sm

2013 Aklan Day 724

2013 Aklan Day 723

When we arrived in Aslum (my hometown in Ibajay, Aklan) the next day,  we just rested a little before walking to the beach. Mush was the happiest among all of us, I think.

2013 Aklan 201303282sm

2013 Aklan Day 320


2013 Aklan Day 323

2013 Aklan Day 324

2013 Aklan Day 325

2013 Aklan Day 326

2013 Aklan Day 329 copy

2013 Aklan Day 708

2013 Aklan 201303283sm

mushroom and sand sm



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  1. Love the photos! =)

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Thanks, Inge! Mush was a very good model!:)

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