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Aklan Day 2 25 ditychsm

If you want to know me (really, REALLY know me), you must step inside my home in Aslum. Maybe then you will be able to understand why I yearn for home more often than what is probably normal. A place surrounded by water, it stands between the Aslum River and the big blue sea.

Aklan Day 2 05sm

Aklan Day 2 15sm

Aklan Day 2 16sm

Aklan Day 2 14sm

Aklan Day 2 13sm

Aklan Day 2 12sm

It is a place where meals are simple yet extraordinary, usually bought from or given to my parents by local fisher folks.

Aklan Day 2 06sm

Aklan Day 2 07sm

It is  a place where I can be myself, with no one judging me for being too free-spirited.  It is the sanctuary where I hang my heart- on my sleeve, on the walls, all around. I breathe more easily here, become more alive.

Aklan Day 2 08sm

Aklan Day 2 09sm

If you look around closely, you will see things that are not perfect but are beautiful in their imperfection– shells and driftwood discarded by the sea, a chair swept away by the great Typhoon Frank and has somehow ended up in our backyard, tables and chairs made of vines,  and windows with cloudy, rusty panes.

Aklan Day 2 10sm

Aklan Day 2 11sm

Surrounded by the bounties of nature and my loving family, I become more appreciative of the gifts I receive. Here, all I ever want to do  is sleep and eat and laugh and be still.

Aklan Day 2 03sm

Aklan Day 2 04sm

Aklan Day 2 01 sm

Aklan Day 2 02sm

Aklan Day 2 19 split sm

Aklan Day 2 21sm

This place makes me a better person. A  few days spent here rejuvenates my very being and readies me for yet another bout with city life.

Aklan Day 2 22sm

Aklan Day 2 27sm


Aklan Day 2 18sm

Aklan Day 2 28sm


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  2. What a beautiful home/place! Mom says it’s a really pretty cottage! Hopefully, next time we visit there you can take us too =)

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Definitely, Inge! I’m sure Steve and Tamsin will also enjoy it there!

  3. Wonderful! Pa-closeup naman sa grad pic.

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Hahaha! ‘Yoko nga! 😉

  4. Love your cottage. Soooo pretty!

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Thank you, Tita Lili! Glad you like love it!

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