Cooling Down in Hurom-Hurom

Over the years, Aklan the mainland has been overshadowed by its most popular tourist destination, Boracay Island.   But aside from its powdery white beach, Aklan has a lot more to offer.  Take, for instance,  its cold springs.

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Hurom-Hurom  is one of the cold spring resorts in Nabas, Aklan. The main pool is actually a basin that catches  water from a spring that flows from the mountains. Locals enjoy taking a dip here as it is way cheaper than going all the way to Boracay.  Plus, the cold water is just perfect for summer!

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When we went there last week, the place was teeming with local tourists.

Aklan Day 3 14 sm

I’m not really into cold springs but the kids really love it, especially Mushroom.

Aklan Day 3 08sm

Aklan Day 3 10 sm

Aklan Day 3 06 sm

Aklan Day 3 07 sm

| My mother (above) and my brother (below) are both water babies.:)

Aklan Day 3 04 sm

Aklan Day 3 11 sm

Aklan Day 3 13sm

| Yes, that’s an empty soda bottle tucked behind the little girl’s shirt. An excellent floating device!

Aklan Day 3 16sm

Aklan Day 3 02 sm

A few days before our trip, Mushroom’s parents gave him his own cellphone so they can get in touch with him while he’s away.  That night, after his Hurom-Hurom adventure, Mushroom’s mom texted him to ask if he went swimming. This was his reply (as texted by him, word for word):

“Yes but not thee beeach

we went to the pool

i had fun the water was sooo cold good bye”

Aklan Day 3 17sm

Pinay Traveller Tip:

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring Resort is in Laserna, Nabas, Aklan. Entrance fee is 20 pesos per person.  You can also rent a bamboo table for 150 or an umbrella cottage for 200 pesos. Families bring their own food but there are snacks and drinks available at their gift shop, too.


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  1. Alex Olavere says:

    Man, I wish I were home!

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Migoy, next time you guys visit, will bring you to Hurom-Hurom.:)

      1. Me too Miguel! Next time, let’s try to coordinate our visits! =)

        More pics please Pol! =)

        1. PinayTraveller says:

          Hey Inge! Yup! More to come!:)

  2. I’ve heard about this resort from my wife…and she was raving about it! yeah, time to seek other places than Boracay.

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Yup! Boracay is too crowded these days!

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  4. Hurom Hurom Spring in Laserna Nabas Aklan is the best cold spring among others. Safe area is the first priority. We really love Hurom hurom spring. congratulations for making our trip memorable one.

  5. Irynne says:

    Can you give us advise, what is the best way to get to hurom hurom? Do we need to get a tour package? Besides Hurom hurom what are other attraction in Indiana Jones Eco?

    1. jun yutob says:

      the best way to get to hurom hurom … if you are coming from Kalibo just ride a jeep or suv via caticlan or nabas and disembark in crossing toledo, nabas aklan and take a ride by motorcycle. the fare is 20 pesos per head. you can choose which cold spring you want. there are three (3)
      cold springs in laserna. 1. simple sinag cold spring (simplecio sinag, name of the owner of the cold spring) . 2. manyuko cold spring 3. hurom hurom cold spring.

      and if you are coming from boracay via caticlan. take a ride by jeep or suv via nabas or kalibo. and disembark in crossing toledo, nabas, aklan. take the same route in going to laserna, nabas, akalan.

      entrance fee is same for three (3) cold springs. i know the place coz i am a native of nagustan, nabas, aklan. you will enjoy the place most especially during summer

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